chinese new year

my very first post of the year ^_^ chinese new year i mean ^_^

happy chinese new year to everyone out there 🙂 it’s the year of the rabbit and aren’t i happy that it’s finally  come ^_^ personally, the rabbit is my most favorite animal 🙂  not only is it cute and fluffy, but it’s so jumpy and it loves carrots like me ^_^ when i was 5ive i use to love watching looney tunes and especially bugs bunny ^_^ i still have a soft toy of him sitting next to my bed 🙂

so i started the year 2011 starting a new job.  my “real proper job” is working at a hospital.  it has taken me a whole month to get use to this routine of waking up early in the morning >.<  but on my weekends i sleep in 🙂  i love that feeling in the morning and you wake up and realize you don’t have to go to work ^_^ it’s the best feeling ever! i have never enjoyed my sleep until now 😀

so i got my first pay check during my first week of work, i was utterly stoked! with all that money i had no idea what to do with it! i knew the first thing to do was treat my parents to dinner for all the years of teaching and guidance they have given me 🙂  i am totally grateful for the years of extreme patience and wisdom 🙂  hopefully i’ve grown to be the daughter that they’ve always wanted 🙂  so we went to HaLu at Mt. Hawthorn and i must admit i love this place.  it is my favorite jap restaurant now.  it use to be bonsai on roe street, but HaLu has definately taken over.  I’ve been wanting to visit this place since it opened and now I got to share the experience with my parents 🙂  The desserts are also to die fall.  I know it sounds weird, black sesame tiramisu, but it was absolutely lovely and not too sweet and had the a crunch.  it was REALLY YUMMY!!!

Yummy food @ HaLu

Dessert at HaLu

This year, chinese new year was quiet.  We spent Chinese New Year Eve at the sister restaurant of HaLu; Satsuki in Subiaco.  This one had a different variety of food and it wasn’t as yummy, but it was still good 🙂 We welcomed the new year by watching Howl’s Moving Castle on SBS ^_^ and went for a drive in the city just to see if any of the chinese restaurants were celebrating, but it was very quiet.  Last night we had close family friends over for dinner, mum prepared the whole meal whilst I was busy making cupcakes.  It’s been a bit quiet over at Cupcake Boutique Land.  My studies took over last year and getting use to this job has taken a toll.  But I was able to make some Chinese New Year cupcakes and give some to family friends as presents ^_^

CNY Eve @ Satsuki

Yummy CNY food

So this year I made a set of 6 cupcakes.  It was vanilla mandarin cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  I bought new cupcake cups so i was testing them out so see if I would continue to use them.  They turned out pretty nice and the cupcake cups were easy to use and fill as well.  I made decorations for my cupcakes.  It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do, but in the end I decided with what made up Chinese New Year.  I had a rabbit holding an ingot to signify the year of the rabbit, mandarins that mean gold in cantonese, a bag of gold ingots and coins to represent prosperity and a little boy/girl dressed in a lion costume for all those wonderful lion dances that we get to see during Chinese New Year ^_^

I made such a mess of the table.  I had no idea how I was going to clean up, but at least I limited my mess to one table and the 6 chairs that surround it ^_^

The mess I make

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

So V-day is coming up in a week’s time.  And I still haven’t decided what I wanted to do for that!  Hopefully I’ll get it done in the next couple of days, so watch this space 🙂  I had one of my work colleagues tell me (who’s not a big fan of V-day) that “Love is suppose to be subtle, Valentine’s Day is as subtle as a sledgehammer” ^_^ hahahhaa, i’m sure not everyone thinks that way 😛  I certainly don’t.  But I found it funny from his perspective of V-day 🙂


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sneak peak to christmas

this year i’ve decided to do a christmas pack.
it’ll have an assortment of cupcakes or cookies, but at the moment i’m having fun just making little figurines for my cupcakes ^_^

stay tuned for more cuteness ^_^

penguini and mr. snowman



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… Birkin Bags …

Oh Birkin Bag what shall I say…I spend one night looking for ideas and one day making a small bag for a cupcake topper… … …

Let’s backtrack a couple of days…

Just after I finished my penguin order, one of my friends wanted to order cupcakes for her boyfriend’s mum’s birthday.  Which was supposed to be on Wednesday but she checked again and it was on a Tuesday instead!  So I was spending a day making my Blue Nose Collection Set as well as a Red Birkin Bag that the bf’s mum liked.  So here I was finishing my Blue Nose Collection and spending a night seeing how to make a Birkin bag or how it actually looks like 😛

Red Hermes Birkin Bag

And this was my final product after 2 hrs

My Red Birkin Birthday Bag

So 12 decorated cupcakes and 38 mini cupcakes later…this was my final product…

Happy Birkin Birthday ^_^

The Blue Nose Collection Set plus the Red Birkin Bag Detail: Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting and Fondant Detail

Chocolate and Vanilla Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

I enjoyed making the Birkin Bag and the Blue Nose Friends Animals.  They were so cute and adorable, but I am still proportionally challenged with making the figurines and that only comes with lots and lots of practice ^_^

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World Soccer Cup 2010 TEAM PENGUINS!!

Ok…so there’s no team penguins in the world soccer cup, but in Cupcake Boutique Land, team Penguin rules!! And they support Australia too ^_^  World Soccer Cup started this week and it coincided with a lovely sweet girl who wanted to order cupcakes for her boyfriend’s birthday.  She wanted penguins playing soccer for her cupcakes and this is what I came up with 🙂

Green Tea Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting and Fondant Design

Team Penguin



The penguins were quite fun to make although my proportions of the penguins are somewhat to be desired for.  :S  I hope my sweet lovely customer enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them ^_^


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busy couple of weeks…


it’s been such a busy week i have no idea where to start.  so what i might do is start from the orders.  i had 2 orders come in straight after my trip back from northam.  These aren’t including the wedding gift I made for the couple.  The first order was for a 5 year old’s birthday.  It was quite simple because all he wanted was cupcakes that were blue for the boys and pink for the girls with spinkles on top.  I heard they were quite popular at the party at school which was good 🙂  I made a special one for the 5 year old with different kind of sprinkles so he felt a bit special 🙂


Kiddy Cupcakes

Kiddy cupcakes, blue for boys, pink for girls and a special one for the birthday boy



The next order was for a dozen cupcakes.  I think this will be the last order I will do with such….difficulty if  you could call it.  Being a novice I thought it was ok to do I think it was 5/6 different flavors and 2 of each flavor.  In hindsight, I think I shouldn’t of done that because there’s no such thing as just making 2 cupcakes of one flavor, you need to make a batch which is usually 12 cupcakes.  So I had plenty of left over cupcakes to eat.  But it’s all a learning process.


The cupcakes

The cupcakes with different flavours



Last weekend, there was a birthday party hosted at my place for a family friend who turned 60.  As per usual, mum asked me to make a couple of cakes.  I wanted to try this blueberry cake recipe for a while so I had the opportunity to try it, but I decided that instead of blueberries I used mixed berries instead.  The cooking time took 30 minutes longer than expected, but the end result looked fantastic and after icing it with cream cheese frosting and fresh blueberries, it looked quite yummy to eat and it was so moist.  Now I must tell you, I don’t usually eat what I cook, I eat raw batter, but not the end result.  I rely on other people telling me how it tastes, I have a phobia of eating what I cook just incase it doesn’t taste so nice, and it’s happened before!  But this cake was quite yummy and the birthday girl and the guests enjoyed it as well which is always good to know 🙂


Mixed Berry Cake

The Mixed Berry Cake before it was iced


The Finished Product

THe Finished Product with Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Blueberries on top

The Other Cake

The Other Cake




I’ve decided to incorporate a flavor of the month in my cupcakes.  This November, the flavor is peach.  So peaches cupcake is a moist peach cupcake with a surprise when you hit the bottom.  You can taste the peaches throughout the cupcake which is really yummy and moist and its finished off with either a vanilla frosting or a cream cheese frosting


Peaches Cupcake

Peaches Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting




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