Birthday Macarons


For my birthday, instead of baking a cake a bringing it to work, I decided to make some macarons instead ^_^  Macarons and I have a good working relationship 😛  I am patient in measuring out the ingredients to the tee and mixing it well and patiently waiting for it to “dry” and it will bake me yummy macarons without fail ^_^  Although, that night I decided to try which level of the oven worked best, whether to do 2 trays or a single one and for long long and at what temperature.  So my first few batches were, let’s say, disastrous.  But once I figured out a rhythm to it, there was a 100% success rate ^_^  No half risen macarons or bubbling macarons or macarons with funny lumps on the top :S

The Process

As promised, I have two new flavors.  My current flavors that I always have are the coffee buttercream and the new salty caramel that has been out for a couple of weeks. I find that they are my addiction.  I could eat the caramel all day long!! It’s like a tequila shot.  Not that I can drink tequila all day long, unless I want to suffer from ascites or cirrhosis.  But the whole salt, shot then lemon/lime.  But for a caramel shot its caramel, salt and macaron.  I just usually go for the caramel and salt, no macaron ^_^

Flavors of Macarons

Anyways, my 2 new flavors are strawberry ganache, dark chocolate ganache and vanilla chantilly cream.  Ok, that’s 3 flavors.  I already have a chocolate buttercream filling, but the dark chocolate ganache is seriously dark.  Like 70% dark chocolate, and with a macaron it’s like eating chocolate but the macaron provides a bit of sweetness to the chocolate which is REALLY dark.  I like dark chocolate, but not THAT dark.  Although I think the doctors  liked it.  It fits into the whole “dark look” they go for.  Doctors eating dark chocolate macarons in a dark room hahahah.

The vanilla chantilly cream is still a work in progress.  It can get a bit watery or soft, so I think I need to experiment a bit with that one, although my colleagues did mention it was like vanilla custard.  To me, it was too soft.  I always find macarons need a thick filling.  Not too thick that it’s hard, but like “sludgy” hahahaha

The strawberry ganache is tangy.  I like the strawberry flavor.  It’s not too sweet, but has a lovely flavor of strawberry which I pureed and then sieved, because I don’t want seeds in my ganache.  The chocolate and strawberry ganache fillings were sandwiched in between chocolate macarons whereas the salty caramel and vanilla chantilly cream were with vanilla macarons.

All in all, I was pretty happy with my new flavors and discovering what works best for my oven and for me.  I think that night I made about 100 filled macarons.  I must admit, by the end of the night, I smelled like a macaron, which to me is a sweet sugar smell, so I’m not quite sure whether that was a good thing, because it was like sickly sweet smell :S

Rows and Rows of Macarons


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Pyramid cake

A couple of weeks ago I made a pyramid cake for a family friend for her 18th. She was having an Arabian theme party and wanted a pyramid to complete the look. Let’s just say that her house was transformed into an Arabian paradise 🙂

She wanted a chocolate cake. So I made a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in-between the layers and chocolate ganache covering the whole cake. It was in other words, a chocolate overload to the extreme. Initially I wanted to cover the cake in fondant, but it was difficult to cover such a triangular cake. The cake initially was going to be 5 layers but it ended up being a 10 layered cake!! So much for my maths =_= but it still was quite a large cake. I decided that with this cake, I was going to avoid using fondant. I’m not a big fan of fondant although it does give you a smooth finish on a cake.

So as you can see, this is the cake, which was prettyyyyy heavy. I decided on impulse to make some palm trees. The trunk is made from meringue and the leaves are made from tempered chocolate. If you’re wondering why it looks so sandy, it represents the sand in an Arabian desert but don’t worry it isn’t real sand 😀

From what I heard (I didn’t go to the party as I was too exhausted, had a wacky week) the party was a blast with belly dances and of course what does complete an 18th without …. … … … great friends 😀

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What a month…

First it was my birthday, quite a while ago.  But still, during that time a cake was made in celebration of me getting old-er >_<

It was a really yummy cake though, a chocolate cake (my favorite) with chocolate frosting in between layers and a meringue coating on the outside with mushrooms.  I have a fascination with mushrooms.  I love butter mushrooms or stuffed mushrooms or mushroom soup.  Anything mushroom I love.  Hence, the mushrooms on my cake 🙂  But it was such a nice and yummy cake, my dad couldn’t help but give HALF OF IT TO THE NEIGHBOR!! He was suppose to give like 3 slices, but he was rushing to go out and gave away my cake 😦  Let me tell you, I was so sad for 3 days 😦  I was craving my cake in those 3 days, and all I could think about was my neighbors enjoying MY birthday cake 😦 Sigh… but still I have memories of that cake, and that’s what I’ll keep with me ^_^

My chocolate birthday cake...the most decadent and rich cake I've ever had!!

I haven’t actually been taking any orders.  It’s my final year and I really really want to PASS!!  The past couple of weeks I’ve just been compiling all the data for my group.  It was about 60 surveys, going through 20 questions.  So it took a while.  I hope I didn’t get them all mixed up >.<  So that took up most of my time.

This is what makes up my existence...

But last week I went to a family friend’s house to celebrate Hari Raya.  I think its a celebration to celebrate the end of Ramadan (month of fasting) for the muslims.  They had just moved into a new house and O.M.G I want to live there!!!!  The kitchen was like TO DIE FOR!!  I think I was so in love with the house I didn’t want to leave at all!! I took a couple of pictures of the exterior, I didn’t want to take the inside because they might have thought I was weird =_= But anyhow, I made some cupcakes for them, and let’s say it gave me an opportunity to practice on my icing 😛

Chocolate and Green Tea Cupcakes

THEN… the worst thing could’ve happened… *da da da dummmmmmm*




My loyal and trustworthy kitchen-aid BROKE DOWN!!! Let me just say, the whole night I was so upset I stayed in my room, never to come out.  Partially because I had an order due the next day and I had to cancel because I couldn’t bake a cake.  And I felt so utterly terrible I didn’t want to inflict my pain on others, so I stayed in bed mulling on how my poor kitchen aid broke down and was looking for the warranty.  The next day, it got taken to get repaired so for the time being I can’t take any orders until I get it back OR until I can find a replacement OR I upgrade to a commercial one, which I am seriously thinking [a student like me must be crazy…I have no money =_=].  At the moment my replacement which is like 15 years old is also getting repaired.  I tried using that one to make the cake and it started smoking as soon as I turned it on.  I think because of old age it needed to get repaired too 😦  Sigh…I hope I get my mixers soon…I really do miss them 😦



Sorry Z for not being able to make you a birthday cake 😦  I felt so bad 😦 I wanted to make you a gossip girl cake…it was all planned in my head, although I was figuring out how to get the lipstick kiss image on the cake [I can’t just go and paint my lips red and kiss your cake =_=].  Hope you had a blast on your birthday though ^_^



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Sesame Street and all things fashionable

I had a customer that wanted to order a 3 tier cake for her son’s first birthday as well as cupcakes for her mother’s birthday.  I have never made a 3 tier cake let alone Sesame Street characters.  So I started making 3 Sesame Street characters a week beforehand so I could spend as much time as possible making it.  I’m quite happy with my 3 figurines.  It took me 3 hours per figurine.  For Elmo and the Cookie Monster I spent the most time getting them look “fluffy” and their hands, oh how I wanted the fingers to look perfect!!!  Big Bird was the most fun to make.  The feathers would’ve been the hardest to make if it wasn’t for endless sleeping nights trying to figure out how to do them and then I had an epiphany and I am soooo happy with Big Bird.

Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird the night I completed them

The final product was fun to make especially when I have never made a 3 tier cake before so this was my first and it was surprisingly nice ^_^  The 2 bottom tiers were false bottoms and the top tier was a chocolate cake.  All the decorations on the cake are edible.  I usually have friends asking me if my figurines are bought or if they are edible.  I make all the figurines and decorations myself and they are all edible.  Sometimes I put toothpicks in my figurines like the Sesame Street characters to adhere the head to the body because they have big heads…hahaha…so yes, I do make all my decorations and the cakes and cupcakes are all baked a day or two beforehand (I dislike freezing food A LOT).

Sesame Street Cake

The cupcakes on the other hand were also pretty fun to make.  It brought out the branded girl out of me ^_^  I don’t own any LV or Gucci, so I had to do a bit of researching, trying to catch up with the latest designs and everything.  The hardest part was getting them all to look the same, but I hope I achieved that by working methodically.  I remember when I first started, my decorates spread to 3 tables.  Now at least I have everything in arm’s reach and it’s just restricted to one table ^_^  I realized spreading my work everywhere around the house meant more cleaning for me >_<  The LV cupcakes were green tea cupcakes with vanilla frosting and the Gucci cupcakes were peaches cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Personally I like the Gucci cupcakes because of the design, but I like the LV cupcakes too because the black is quite striking with the little designs on there ^_^  I LOVE the color black against any bright color.  Especially if it’s black and orange ^_^

LV and Gucci Cupcakes

I am so proud of what I’ve achieved this time round.  I hope my customer enjoyed it ^_^  She looked pretty stunned when she saw the cake ^_^

Handmade with Love by Cupcake Boutique



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tickle my skittle

if anyone can think of a better title please be my guest!  for the past week i’ve been trying to think of a word that rhymes with skittle and actually makes sense!  and that’s as far as i got =_=


Skittle Cupcakes

so as you can see…it has something to do with skittles.  one of my friend’s randomly asked me on facebook about cupcakes.  i must admit i was quite surprised because i’m not very close to this friend.  we’re more like acquaintances.  so we were talking about cupcakes and how like he was interested in ordering some for another friend’s birthday.  her theme for the birthday was skittles so the icing was to be different colors that represent the colors in skittles.  they are yellow, orange, red, purple and green.  NO BLUE!!! i was looking at the girl’s pictures on facebook after her party and majority of her friends were in BLACK or BLUE and has anyone ever heard of a GREY skittle?!?!  hehehehe…oh wells…i guess skittles can always add more colors to their range ^_^ but sticking to what i knew, i just made those 5 colors.  i tried eating one and i haven’t had one in like 12 years and WoW they are HaRd!  like teeth cracking hard!

Fondant Decorated Chocolate Cake

i hope she liked them.  her pictures showed a pretty good time ^_^  let’s just say when i was making those cupcakes my stress levels were beyond repair as i also had a job application on that day.  i was running on pure adrenalin and the weekend was a welcome rest ^_^


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… Birkin Bags …

Oh Birkin Bag what shall I say…I spend one night looking for ideas and one day making a small bag for a cupcake topper… … …

Let’s backtrack a couple of days…

Just after I finished my penguin order, one of my friends wanted to order cupcakes for her boyfriend’s mum’s birthday.  Which was supposed to be on Wednesday but she checked again and it was on a Tuesday instead!  So I was spending a day making my Blue Nose Collection Set as well as a Red Birkin Bag that the bf’s mum liked.  So here I was finishing my Blue Nose Collection and spending a night seeing how to make a Birkin bag or how it actually looks like 😛

Red Hermes Birkin Bag

And this was my final product after 2 hrs

My Red Birkin Birthday Bag

So 12 decorated cupcakes and 38 mini cupcakes later…this was my final product…

Happy Birkin Birthday ^_^

The Blue Nose Collection Set plus the Red Birkin Bag Detail: Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting and Fondant Detail

Chocolate and Vanilla Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

I enjoyed making the Birkin Bag and the Blue Nose Friends Animals.  They were so cute and adorable, but I am still proportionally challenged with making the figurines and that only comes with lots and lots of practice ^_^

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World Soccer Cup 2010 TEAM PENGUINS!!

Ok…so there’s no team penguins in the world soccer cup, but in Cupcake Boutique Land, team Penguin rules!! And they support Australia too ^_^  World Soccer Cup started this week and it coincided with a lovely sweet girl who wanted to order cupcakes for her boyfriend’s birthday.  She wanted penguins playing soccer for her cupcakes and this is what I came up with 🙂

Green Tea Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting and Fondant Design

Team Penguin



The penguins were quite fun to make although my proportions of the penguins are somewhat to be desired for.  :S  I hope my sweet lovely customer enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them ^_^


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