My new hobby

This is my new hobby as you can see below. I got the red book last year from kikki-k and the stationary was from typo. The store just opened in Garden City and I think I was slightly overwhelmed with all the stationary ^_^ I’m surprised I didn’t buy everything in that store!! Although my best friend bought an apple :p so compared to me, I’m totally completely normal to buy unnecessary stationary ehehehe

So my first page is still in progress, it’s my title page. I’m going to call it “imagine, create, draw, love”. Corny right???? Well, I was trying to create something profound, but at 1230 in the morning, my brain is turning into mush. My first entry is cute though. It is from dinosaur by kisschasey, and the Dino is inspired by one of my fav tumblrs. By the way, I’m no artist. I’m more of a “finding inspiration from others”. Hence why it’s in a book and I’m not investing heaps buying a tablet for my Mac, although if profoundness does hit me and my artist streak gradually grows, then I may consider doing it on my Mac. But at the moment I enjoy my pens, paper and pastels ^_^

If you’re wondering why this sudden urge to draw, I’ve been preoccupied lately with stuff that’s happening and so drawing seems to relax me and take my mind off things and work and study. It’s very therapeutic ^_^ let’s just hope it isn’t going to be one of those forgotten hobbies >_<

Anyways, I have 2 posts to upload tomorrow night. One is about a cake and another about a macaron hehehehehe. I will endeavor to type them up ^_^

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Salted Caramel Macarons

These are my yummilious salted caramel macarons. I made the caramel a day earlier and it was so hard to not eat the whole bowl!! The macaron shells itself were just plain macarons. If I made flavored macarons, it might have been a bit of an overload.

Theoretically speaking I could’ve finished my baking in a couple of hours but it took me 5 hours. I am not quite sure what I did do in those 5 hours, I think I was going between the kitchen and the tv :S

I think my almond meal needs to be a bit more finer, but at least they have cute little feet ^_^ more like high heels to me ehehehe

I used sea salt to put on top of some of the shells and to sandwich in-between the shells. At first bite all you taste is the caramel and the crunch of the shell. Then all of a sudden a hit of salt explodes in your mouth, like literally. It’s quite hard to explain. I thought all flavors would come at once, but it’s sweet then salty. Quite an interesting taste but yummy ^_^

I’m going to make them again in a couple of weeks, maybe discover another new flavor. Til then 🙂

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Deevine Cafe

Bailey my Boy

A couple of weeks ago I went to Deevine Cafe with my parents for lunch.  From the outside it had a nice front.  We sat outside because Bailey my puppy came along for the ride.  I try to bring him everywhere if I can.  I don’t like to leave him at home by himself.  He’s not destructive at home, but I just don’t like the thought of him being lonely at home with nothing to do haha.  By the way, there was one time I left him a little longer than usual and he wasn’t happy and he chewed my FAVORITE PAIR OF STEVE MADDEN BOOTS!!!  Let’s just say I was not happy =_=

Anyways, back to the restaurant.  It was a nice day, so we sat outside with Bailey and the menu was nice.  Ranging from soup of the day to mussels to salads and burgers.  So we all ordered a dish each.  Mum ordered the  Thai Curry Mussels.  Dad had a beef burger and I had a big breakfast, just because I didn’t have breakfast that day ^_^

Big Breakfast

So this was my “BIG” breakfast.  Seriously speaking, the only thing “BIG” about it was the 2 slices of toast that I got.  The eggs were like minute!!  I love my eggs, and I love them poached ^_^  They were seriously like the size of quail eggs :S  And only half a tomato too 😦 and one mushroom and one sausage and a couple of slices of bacon and that was it :S  Ok I know I’m ranting, but it wasn’t really that great 😦

Thai Curry Mussels

So you think that in this picture, the mussels look “amazing”.  But in all seriousness, they only had like 10 mussels in there at the most and most of the shells were either empty or closed 😦  You think that with thai curry mussels, the curry would be nice and semi spicy and I was hoping for some shredded coconut and thickness in the sauce.  My mum unfortunately compared it to “drain water”.  It was very very very very watered down and did not look as impressive as the picture shows.

Beef Burger

I think out of all the meals, the beef burger was the only one that was ok.  Not that great.  I mean you can get fantastic burgers at all the latest burger joints, but it was ok.

Now, maybe we just caught them on an off day or maybe lunches aren’t their strong point.  We were suppose to have coffee but we were waiting and waiting and waiting for it and it never came 😦

saddened 😦

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Pyramid cake

A couple of weeks ago I made a pyramid cake for a family friend for her 18th. She was having an Arabian theme party and wanted a pyramid to complete the look. Let’s just say that her house was transformed into an Arabian paradise 🙂

She wanted a chocolate cake. So I made a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in-between the layers and chocolate ganache covering the whole cake. It was in other words, a chocolate overload to the extreme. Initially I wanted to cover the cake in fondant, but it was difficult to cover such a triangular cake. The cake initially was going to be 5 layers but it ended up being a 10 layered cake!! So much for my maths =_= but it still was quite a large cake. I decided that with this cake, I was going to avoid using fondant. I’m not a big fan of fondant although it does give you a smooth finish on a cake.

So as you can see, this is the cake, which was prettyyyyy heavy. I decided on impulse to make some palm trees. The trunk is made from meringue and the leaves are made from tempered chocolate. If you’re wondering why it looks so sandy, it represents the sand in an Arabian desert but don’t worry it isn’t real sand 😀

From what I heard (I didn’t go to the party as I was too exhausted, had a wacky week) the party was a blast with belly dances and of course what does complete an 18th without …. … … … great friends 😀

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silly conversations part 1

soooo i haven’t really been up to much. acutally i’ve been training at work so hence the lack of posts. although today as i went to get my coffee i couldn’t help but overhear two boys talking as they finished school. actually i find that i hear a lot of weird and crazy conversations in my line of work or when i’m just being a busy body ^_^

hope this puts a smile on your face 🙂 it certainly did to mine 😛

boy 1: man…my brain is 100% stuffed
boy 2: really?
boy 1: yeah
boy 2: then you’re screwed man…

hahahhaa…ok, if you didn’t find it funny, that’s ok ^_^ it’s just me and my lame humor. simple stuff like that can get my laughing ^_^

chocolate macarons

my failed macarons

so a few months back after i had mastered the vanilla macarons i decided to try and make a batch of chocolate macarons, and as you can see, i failed … … … miserably 😥

so i gave up … for a while … not until i got the courage to make another batch and they turned them out BEAUTIFULLY!!

the successful macarons ^_^

for the first 5 minutes in the oven it didn’t look promising, and so i decided to do the washing and ignore it, and then 10 minutes later the little feet started to peak and i was jumping up and down and resisting to open the oven door 😛  these are also my first flat looking macarons, my macarons usually have a little tip on top, but these look pretty awesome.

by the way, these macarons were for my work’s morning tea for a colleague’s birthday.  They were filled with coffee buttercream.  Hard on the outside but soft and melt in your mouth inside.

Chocolate Macarons


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helloooo LV

LV Cupcakes

It was my friend’s birthday recently and he wanted LV cupcakes for his birthday ^_^  He is a BIG fan of LV.  If not, why would he want LV decorated cupcakes? hehehe So I decided to do 2 popular designs for LV.  Because it was a short notice order, I tried my best to make it work >.<  Although not making LV cupcakes for awhile made me slightly rusty and trying to figure out how I made them before >.<  Sorry, this time aren’t pretty pictures >.<  On that day, I was in a bit of a rush and because they were being picked up at night, I haven’t figured out how to take pretty pictures during the evening 😛

So apart from LV cupcakes I received an order to make farewell cupcakes for a customer’s friend.  It’s sad to see people go.  I remember when one of my chickadees left, I was so sad because she was going to be so far away >.<  So this time I tried to decorate cupcakes to look whimsical and “cute” so to speak 😛

Farewell cupcakes

My least favorite cupcake is the rainbow one because I found the colors too “bright” instead of something light and airy fairy hehee.  But my favorite is the sun picture ^_^  I can’t imagine the sun saying heart ^_^  But I can imagine the sun saying “I loveee giving sunlight” hahaha.  The little girls took me awhile because I don’t do many life like decorations.  I prefer them to have a slightly cute non realistic look 😛

Farewell cupcakes

So which one is your favorite? ^_^


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