Happy Hari Raya

On the weekend my family and I went to a family friend’s place for Hari Raya. Hari Raya is like the Muslim version of Chinese New Year. My understanding of it is it celebrates the end of Ramadan. Now Ramadan is a month of fasting, so they fast from dawn to dusk. I think it can get a bit extreme to the point where they don’t swallow their saliva or other things as well. I remember one of my university friends did the month of Ramadan because he is Muslim and he had conjunctivitis and was exempted from Ramadan because he had to take medication for it. Nice piece of info I have in my head 😛

Anyways, we went to our family friend’s place for an open house. Which kinda means that they open their house whole day for their friends to come and celebrate. I think last year we went I made chocolate cupcakes with coffee buttercream shaped as roses. This year, because I have mastered my macarons, I made macarons for them instead ^_^ I think I have a borderline obsession with macarons. This week for instance if my blood count is high ie I’m not too tired from work, I will try to make macarons for the Mooncake festival which is next week, according to my mum 🙂 I can tell you another interesting story about the Mooncake festival. It is actually my favorite story of all time 🙂 but I’ll leave that for another post 🙂

So I decided this time to make pink macarons to differentiate the difference between the 4 flavors I was making. I had coffee buttercream, salted caramel, chocolate and strawberry. The coffee buttercream and salted caramel were in white macarons with the salted caramel having salted on the shells. And the chocolate and strawberry had pink shells with the chocolate one having chocolate drizzles on the shells 😛 does that make sense?

I love their house, it’s very resort like and their kitchen is AMAZING and their fireplace is pretty awesome as well 😛 the food wasn’t too bad, I’m not a big fan of curry, after living in Australia for most of my life my spice tolerance is extremely low, but I do like my wasabi :P. Their curry were in massive pots, it could feed 100+!!! I wonder how many people visited them!

Unfortunately, I think my stomach did not like the curry and the next morning I was suffering from what I now call it a “hangover without alcohol” 😦 Not great at all and I was so dehydrated all I had for the whole day was lemonade with hot water and salt 😦 At least I was well enough by nightfall to be ready for work the next day…yippee??

Anyways, this week my puppy is having a friend staying over for a couple of weeks. His name is Toby and he’s a sheep puppy. Not a sheepdog like a collie, but a dog that’s looks like a sheep and when he was younger made noises like a lamb as well :s I’m sure Bailey will enjoy his company 🙂

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Birthday Macarons


For my birthday, instead of baking a cake a bringing it to work, I decided to make some macarons instead ^_^  Macarons and I have a good working relationship 😛  I am patient in measuring out the ingredients to the tee and mixing it well and patiently waiting for it to “dry” and it will bake me yummy macarons without fail ^_^  Although, that night I decided to try which level of the oven worked best, whether to do 2 trays or a single one and for long long and at what temperature.  So my first few batches were, let’s say, disastrous.  But once I figured out a rhythm to it, there was a 100% success rate ^_^  No half risen macarons or bubbling macarons or macarons with funny lumps on the top :S

The Process

As promised, I have two new flavors.  My current flavors that I always have are the coffee buttercream and the new salty caramel that has been out for a couple of weeks. I find that they are my addiction.  I could eat the caramel all day long!! It’s like a tequila shot.  Not that I can drink tequila all day long, unless I want to suffer from ascites or cirrhosis.  But the whole salt, shot then lemon/lime.  But for a caramel shot its caramel, salt and macaron.  I just usually go for the caramel and salt, no macaron ^_^

Flavors of Macarons

Anyways, my 2 new flavors are strawberry ganache, dark chocolate ganache and vanilla chantilly cream.  Ok, that’s 3 flavors.  I already have a chocolate buttercream filling, but the dark chocolate ganache is seriously dark.  Like 70% dark chocolate, and with a macaron it’s like eating chocolate but the macaron provides a bit of sweetness to the chocolate which is REALLY dark.  I like dark chocolate, but not THAT dark.  Although I think the doctors  liked it.  It fits into the whole “dark look” they go for.  Doctors eating dark chocolate macarons in a dark room hahahah.

The vanilla chantilly cream is still a work in progress.  It can get a bit watery or soft, so I think I need to experiment a bit with that one, although my colleagues did mention it was like vanilla custard.  To me, it was too soft.  I always find macarons need a thick filling.  Not too thick that it’s hard, but like “sludgy” hahahaha

The strawberry ganache is tangy.  I like the strawberry flavor.  It’s not too sweet, but has a lovely flavor of strawberry which I pureed and then sieved, because I don’t want seeds in my ganache.  The chocolate and strawberry ganache fillings were sandwiched in between chocolate macarons whereas the salty caramel and vanilla chantilly cream were with vanilla macarons.

All in all, I was pretty happy with my new flavors and discovering what works best for my oven and for me.  I think that night I made about 100 filled macarons.  I must admit, by the end of the night, I smelled like a macaron, which to me is a sweet sugar smell, so I’m not quite sure whether that was a good thing, because it was like sickly sweet smell :S

Rows and Rows of Macarons


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Salted Caramel Macarons

These are my yummilious salted caramel macarons. I made the caramel a day earlier and it was so hard to not eat the whole bowl!! The macaron shells itself were just plain macarons. If I made flavored macarons, it might have been a bit of an overload.

Theoretically speaking I could’ve finished my baking in a couple of hours but it took me 5 hours. I am not quite sure what I did do in those 5 hours, I think I was going between the kitchen and the tv :S

I think my almond meal needs to be a bit more finer, but at least they have cute little feet ^_^ more like high heels to me ehehehe

I used sea salt to put on top of some of the shells and to sandwich in-between the shells. At first bite all you taste is the caramel and the crunch of the shell. Then all of a sudden a hit of salt explodes in your mouth, like literally. It’s quite hard to explain. I thought all flavors would come at once, but it’s sweet then salty. Quite an interesting taste but yummy ^_^

I’m going to make them again in a couple of weeks, maybe discover another new flavor. Til then 🙂

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chocolate macarons

my failed macarons

so a few months back after i had mastered the vanilla macarons i decided to try and make a batch of chocolate macarons, and as you can see, i failed … … … miserably 😥

so i gave up … for a while … not until i got the courage to make another batch and they turned them out BEAUTIFULLY!!

the successful macarons ^_^

for the first 5 minutes in the oven it didn’t look promising, and so i decided to do the washing and ignore it, and then 10 minutes later the little feet started to peak and i was jumping up and down and resisting to open the oven door 😛  these are also my first flat looking macarons, my macarons usually have a little tip on top, but these look pretty awesome.

by the way, these macarons were for my work’s morning tea for a colleague’s birthday.  They were filled with coffee buttercream.  Hard on the outside but soft and melt in your mouth inside.

Chocolate Macarons


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