A Long Hiatus

It’s amazing how life can take a hold of you.  Last year I graduated, got a job and started working.  A year and a bit later I’m still working and yet that is all I seem to be doing! And now we’re approaching the end of the year!  I went into the city on Sunday and was amazed that Christmas decorations are already on sale.  I’m not quite sure whether I’m amazed or shocked.

Anyways, this past year besides becoming a workaholic, I have been baking.  Not as much as I use to.  I was hit by the macaron bug at one stage and it seemed that was all I baked.  Lately though it’s been about trying out new places in Perth and revamping/reviving my blog to a foodie blog 🙂  Hence why I want to talk about The Classroom.

I have fond memories of primary school.  I was the little asian kid that always sat in the front row, never said anything and had “the bowl” haircut.  Gradually as my schooling progressed it went from front row to middle row then occasionally back row.  But The Classroom in North Perth brought back memories of school.  From their alcoholic lockers to their little table and chairs, everything about The Classroom was reminiscent of primary school.  The front of their menu which is in an exercise book details the rules about behaviour and respecting each other and so on and so forth.  Then comes the fun part, picking out the cocktail.  They have an interesting list of cocktails, each with a detailed history or science behind it.  They have revamped old ones and put a “scientific” twist to it.

For example, my LN2 Espresso Martini was made the old school way, but the twist to it was they poured liquid nitrogen into my martini giving it an ice cream top and finishing it off with cream and chocolate shavings.  It was strong like an espresso but just right.  My second favorite cocktail by far.  My friend had the Dark ‘n’ Stormy, which when I tried, had a nice ginger taste to it.  I’m not a big fan of ginger, but this was like a sweet ginger.  So drinks wise, for creativity and taste was top marks, a HD 😀

Clockwise from top: LN2 Espresso Martini ($22), Bad Apple ($18), Dark ‘n’ Stormy ($18)

On the other hand, the food was a hit and miss.  Whilst waiting for our other friends, my photogenic chickadee and I ordered a beetroot capaccio with grilled haloumi, asparagus and chestnuts ($15).  It was nice, fresh and simple.  We were like wow, this is nice.  Then our other friends joined and we shared the 10hr Bourbon Beef short ribs with maple roasted pumpkin and broad bean pesto ($32).  The meat was literally falling off the bone.  Miss Photogenic Chickadee was so happy, we once had a bad experience with beef short ribs, the chefs at The Classroom really did justice to these ribs.  They were sweet, but not too sweet, and the pumpkin was soft and sweet and it was really a perfect combination.  The downside was, there wasn’t enough!  Everyone really enjoyed the ribs.  At this point we were like, Yeah! the drinks are great, the food is great!  But then came the downfall.  During the course of the night we noticed other patrons ordering these round friend balls.  I thought they were drumsticks =_=’  But they were Zucchini fritters with a cucumber and feta whip ($14).  Presentation wise, it was amazing.  Taste wise, not so amazing.  Unfortunately the fritters lacked any sort of flavor and texture.  The cucumber and feta whip, I didn’t understand.  My friend told me it was a foam, which made me even more confused because then I just associated it with the Foam Burst Body Wash :S  It had no flavor either.  So the whole dish was quite flavorless.  My friend mentioned if it had some bacon bits in it to give it some flavor and texture and maybe change the whip, it might have been a great dish.  Hence food for us was a D, the only saving grace was those beef short ribs.

By the end of the night, it was pretty happening at The Classroom.  I noticed some dressed quite retro with those over the top shoulder pad blazers and short skirts and bright colored suits.  Overall, it wasn’t too bad.  Maybe I could’ve tried some more of those dishes.  But for drinks, the cocktails are worth a shot
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