Louis Baxter

Louis Baxter

Louis (pronounced Lou-ee) Baxter is a small little cafe opened recently by Eamon Sullivan (the Australian Swimmer) and his business partner Laki Baker.  The food is simple and the coffee is to die for ^_^ And the interior of the cafe is welcoming and the painting on the wall is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G hehehe.  I went there with my parents to celebrate my birthday.  I wasn’t really planning on doing anything this year, but trying out a new cafe didn’t sound too bad 😛

So we each ordered something different and had coffee as well.  Their coffee beans are Campos Coffee which is according to them a “coffee epiphany”.  To my dad, it was a coffee epiphany 😛  He loves his long black strong and they gave it to him strong 😛  On the other hand the coffee was a bit too strong for my liking.  Maybe I should have ordered a flat white, more milk might weaken the coffee strength 😛  But all the same it wasn’t too bad after a couple of sugars 😛

From top, clockwise: 12 hour Crispy pork belly slide with fennel and apple slaw; Slow roasted lamb sandwich with caramelised onion and chimichurri; Chocolate and Strawberry macarons; Poached chicken baguette with avocado, tomato, danish fetta and salad

The food on the other hand was quite nice.  Never got to try the pork slider as my mum didn’t leave me any to try 😦  But my poached chicken was cooked to perfection.  Unfortunately they didn’t have a baguette so I had it as a sandwich and it was just as yummy.  I love how they come on wooden boards.  Quite nifty I think ^_^  The roasted lamb sandwich was just as nice.  I love toasted sandwich when you bite into them they have an instant crunch and the insides are soft and yummy ^_^

The macarons on the other hand are a different matter.  I think I’ve tried so many macarons that I’m quite finicky with the taste.  You don’t want macarons that when you bite into it all you taste is sweetness and unfortunately the strawberry macaron was like that.  I don’t think I tasted any strawberry flavor in there.  Whereas the chocolate macaron was extremely chocolatey.  It reminded me of leftover chocolate mixture I use to lick from the bowl after baking a chocolate cake 😛

Overall I enjoyed the lunch.  It was quite yummy and I would definitely visit them again with friends ^_^  On a side note, check out my birthday present ^_^  Now I don’t have an excuse to be late anymore 😛

Tissot Classic

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