My new hobby

This is my new hobby as you can see below. I got the red book last year from kikki-k and the stationary was from typo. The store just opened in Garden City and I think I was slightly overwhelmed with all the stationary ^_^ I’m surprised I didn’t buy everything in that store!! Although my best friend bought an apple :p so compared to me, I’m totally completely normal to buy unnecessary stationary ehehehe

So my first page is still in progress, it’s my title page. I’m going to call it “imagine, create, draw, love”. Corny right???? Well, I was trying to create something profound, but at 1230 in the morning, my brain is turning into mush. My first entry is cute though. It is from dinosaur by kisschasey, and the Dino is inspired by one of my fav tumblrs. By the way, I’m no artist. I’m more of a “finding inspiration from others”. Hence why it’s in a book and I’m not investing heaps buying a tablet for my Mac, although if profoundness does hit me and my artist streak gradually grows, then I may consider doing it on my Mac. But at the moment I enjoy my pens, paper and pastels ^_^

If you’re wondering why this sudden urge to draw, I’ve been preoccupied lately with stuff that’s happening and so drawing seems to relax me and take my mind off things and work and study. It’s very therapeutic ^_^ let’s just hope it isn’t going to be one of those forgotten hobbies >_<

Anyways, I have 2 posts to upload tomorrow night. One is about a cake and another about a macaron hehehehehe. I will endeavor to type them up ^_^

Heart cupcakerist

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