Deevine Cafe

Bailey my Boy

A couple of weeks ago I went to Deevine Cafe with my parents for lunch.  From the outside it had a nice front.  We sat outside because Bailey my puppy came along for the ride.  I try to bring him everywhere if I can.  I don’t like to leave him at home by himself.  He’s not destructive at home, but I just don’t like the thought of him being lonely at home with nothing to do haha.  By the way, there was one time I left him a little longer than usual and he wasn’t happy and he chewed my FAVORITE PAIR OF STEVE MADDEN BOOTS!!!  Let’s just say I was not happy =_=

Anyways, back to the restaurant.  It was a nice day, so we sat outside with Bailey and the menu was nice.  Ranging from soup of the day to mussels to salads and burgers.  So we all ordered a dish each.  Mum ordered the  Thai Curry Mussels.  Dad had a beef burger and I had a big breakfast, just because I didn’t have breakfast that day ^_^

Big Breakfast

So this was my “BIG” breakfast.  Seriously speaking, the only thing “BIG” about it was the 2 slices of toast that I got.  The eggs were like minute!!  I love my eggs, and I love them poached ^_^  They were seriously like the size of quail eggs :S  And only half a tomato too 😦 and one mushroom and one sausage and a couple of slices of bacon and that was it :S  Ok I know I’m ranting, but it wasn’t really that great 😦

Thai Curry Mussels

So you think that in this picture, the mussels look “amazing”.  But in all seriousness, they only had like 10 mussels in there at the most and most of the shells were either empty or closed 😦  You think that with thai curry mussels, the curry would be nice and semi spicy and I was hoping for some shredded coconut and thickness in the sauce.  My mum unfortunately compared it to “drain water”.  It was very very very very watered down and did not look as impressive as the picture shows.

Beef Burger

I think out of all the meals, the beef burger was the only one that was ok.  Not that great.  I mean you can get fantastic burgers at all the latest burger joints, but it was ok.

Now, maybe we just caught them on an off day or maybe lunches aren’t their strong point.  We were suppose to have coffee but we were waiting and waiting and waiting for it and it never came 😦

saddened 😦

♥ cupcakerist

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