Pyramid cake

A couple of weeks ago I made a pyramid cake for a family friend for her 18th. She was having an Arabian theme party and wanted a pyramid to complete the look. Let’s just say that her house was transformed into an Arabian paradise 🙂

She wanted a chocolate cake. So I made a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse in-between the layers and chocolate ganache covering the whole cake. It was in other words, a chocolate overload to the extreme. Initially I wanted to cover the cake in fondant, but it was difficult to cover such a triangular cake. The cake initially was going to be 5 layers but it ended up being a 10 layered cake!! So much for my maths =_= but it still was quite a large cake. I decided that with this cake, I was going to avoid using fondant. I’m not a big fan of fondant although it does give you a smooth finish on a cake.

So as you can see, this is the cake, which was prettyyyyy heavy. I decided on impulse to make some palm trees. The trunk is made from meringue and the leaves are made from tempered chocolate. If you’re wondering why it looks so sandy, it represents the sand in an Arabian desert but don’t worry it isn’t real sand 😀

From what I heard (I didn’t go to the party as I was too exhausted, had a wacky week) the party was a blast with belly dances and of course what does complete an 18th without …. … … … great friends 😀

Heart cupcakerist

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