chocolate macarons

my failed macarons

so a few months back after i had mastered the vanilla macarons i decided to try and make a batch of chocolate macarons, and as you can see, i failed … … … miserably 😥

so i gave up … for a while … not until i got the courage to make another batch and they turned them out BEAUTIFULLY!!

the successful macarons ^_^

for the first 5 minutes in the oven it didn’t look promising, and so i decided to do the washing and ignore it, and then 10 minutes later the little feet started to peak and i was jumping up and down and resisting to open the oven door 😛  these are also my first flat looking macarons, my macarons usually have a little tip on top, but these look pretty awesome.

by the way, these macarons were for my work’s morning tea for a colleague’s birthday.  They were filled with coffee buttercream.  Hard on the outside but soft and melt in your mouth inside.

Chocolate Macarons


♥ cupcakerist


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