helloooo LV

LV Cupcakes

It was my friend’s birthday recently and he wanted LV cupcakes for his birthday ^_^  He is a BIG fan of LV.  If not, why would he want LV decorated cupcakes? hehehe So I decided to do 2 popular designs for LV.  Because it was a short notice order, I tried my best to make it work >.<  Although not making LV cupcakes for awhile made me slightly rusty and trying to figure out how I made them before >.<  Sorry, this time aren’t pretty pictures >.<  On that day, I was in a bit of a rush and because they were being picked up at night, I haven’t figured out how to take pretty pictures during the evening 😛

So apart from LV cupcakes I received an order to make farewell cupcakes for a customer’s friend.  It’s sad to see people go.  I remember when one of my chickadees left, I was so sad because she was going to be so far away >.<  So this time I tried to decorate cupcakes to look whimsical and “cute” so to speak 😛

Farewell cupcakes

My least favorite cupcake is the rainbow one because I found the colors too “bright” instead of something light and airy fairy hehee.  But my favorite is the sun picture ^_^  I can’t imagine the sun saying heart ^_^  But I can imagine the sun saying “I loveee giving sunlight” hahaha.  The little girls took me awhile because I don’t do many life like decorations.  I prefer them to have a slightly cute non realistic look 😛

Farewell cupcakes

So which one is your favorite? ^_^


♥ cupcakerist


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