so i’ve been awol for the weekend and that’s because i was treated to a trip to adelaide for the honors project i did with my group in uni ^_^  i remember when i first started my honors project with my group i wasn’t so concerned about my honors as long as i passed and got out of uni ASAP!  but once we won i was looking forward to travelling interstate.  i wish i realised that easter was the following weekend so that i could’ve dropped by to melbourne for a weekend as well >.<

so adelaide is quite similar to perth except that it seems much more quieter and slightly more cultural ^_^  so i spent 3 days holed up in a convention centre listening to different talks about radiography and radiation.  it seems that the latest topic nowadays is advanced radiography and reduced dose via digital software and blah blah blah.  thinking about it, if i heard these talks in my 2nd or 3rd yr of uni i would’ve no idea what they were talking about.  but now it’s much more fascinating and interesting 🙂

adelaide convention centre

so nowadays this is what us radiographers use in the hospitals ^_^  the digital portable machine is also known as a giraffe because of the long neck ^_^ by the way, digital is very fast nowadays, just takes 30 seconds for an image to appear and the amount of radiation received is significantly less that CR.  ok, weird that i’m talking about all this radiation jargon =_=  so this is the machines we use now ^_^

digital portable machine and image intensifier

AND THIS IS WHAT WE USED BEFORE!!! i am SO GLAD we are living in the 21st century ^_^

old style radiography

i did have a chance to walk around the city one afternoon just by myself.  the architecture is so pretty and i love old buildings ^_^  i also managed to catch up with an old friend of mine 🙂  he brought me to a japanese restaurant for dinner.  why is it that perth do not have any decent japanese restaurants and everything is just generic?!  anyways… wasai (the name of this restaurant) was hidden in an alleyway in china town.  i had decided that when i was in adelaide i would catch a taxi everywhere, save time getting lost and this taxi driver was just chatting away to me the whole time about his life here and his life in india and how it’s different.  once i reached the restaurant he was still chatting away.  SO HARD to stop a person from talking hahaha.  ANYWAYS…this restaurant had the yummiest teppura ever!!  i think it is now my favorite jap dish ^_^ and the salmon sushi was so YUM too!! the salmon was barely cooked that it was like melt in your mouth ^_^

old school architecture

happenings around the city

wasai japanese restaurant

so on the last night ASMMRIT hosted a function for us radiographers/sonographers/radiation therapist ^_^ it was a very fun night ^_^ and we got a wine glass out of it ^_^ colourful wine glasses ^_^ hehehe

gala dinner

so by the end of the trip i was seriously fatigued and tired, so luckily i had a pass to the qantas lounge and spent my afternoon there enjoying the comfy couches and internet and food ^_^  and guess who i saw there?? ADAM LIAW FROM MASTERCHEF!!  it took me 10 minutes to muster up the courage to ask him for a photo ^_^  but definately worth the effort 🙂  he was travelling to perth for a book signing to promote his cookbook 🙂

Adam Liaw and I

so overall i enjoyed my adelaide trip 🙂  was super fun and had so many photo opportunities as well ^_^  it was a good break from work too 😛


♥ cupcakerist


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