KoKo Black

So I finally had a chance to try the infamous KoKo Black.  And I must say that it was not quite what I expected.  I don’t know if that is in a good way or bad :S  I went to KoKo Black for high tea with my Might 8 minus 4 chickadees ^_^ KoKo Black is situated in Claremont Quarter, a new shopping centre which is extremely trendy and up-market.  It makes the indoors feel outdoors, maybe because of the glass ceiling.  I wonder how it’ll do in winter 😛  KoKo Black from the outside looks like a store that you’ll find in London with the black panelling and the large windows to peer inside.  What kind of put me off this cafe was the tables and chairs that were outside the cafe.  I always assumed KoKo Black would be a quaint cafe, but maybe because it is new it’s extremely busy.  Inside was quite nice.  There was a large table with what I coined upside down blue parasols as lighting in the centre of the seating area with tables and chairs surrounding the area.  We were seating against the wall which was nice, because I got to see the ins and outs of what was happening.

Claremont Quarter

KoKo Black

Inside KoKo Black

The drinks there I must admit are much better than San Churros.  In a way that you didn’t feel like you were drinking a cup full of melted chocolate!  On this occasion we all had Ice Chocolates that were served in large globes that at the end of high tea all of us had not finished our drinks!  I had gone earlier to KoKo Black to try the Hot Chocolate Affrogato, Hot Chocolate and Ice Tea.  The Ice Tea wasn’t impressive.  My mother mentioned that it tasted like flavored water :S

Variety of Drinks

We had two different spoilers.  One has the Queen of Hearts and the other was the Autumn Spoiler for Two.  Even with 4 girls we were all struggling to finish it.  The Queen of Hearts was a 2-tiered sample of all the delights that was to be on offer.  On the bottom tier was the savory dishes such as a ham and cheese toastie, a sun-dried tomato and pesto toastie as well as a couple of quiches.  On the top tier was the sweet treats.  We had a lamington, lemon tart, opera cake and a vanilla panna cotta.  The Autumn Spoiler for Two had a pear sorbet, chocolate mousse, pear cake, gingerbread biscuit and a couple of chocolates.  I enjoyed the savory treats.  The lemon tart was a bit too sweet and tangy for my liking.  The pear sorbet was an interesting taste.  Something that I might not try again.  But overall it was a wonderful experience.  Me and my chickadees were able enjoy our time there and we didn’t feel like we were rushed at all like some places where they want you to leave as soon as you finish.

Our tasty treats

A moment is never complete without friends and poloroids ^_^

Whilst we were leaving we saw that the chefs were making creme brulee tarts.  So cute!!  I like how there was a viewing area so you got to see how they created all those yummy treats.  We also checked out the rest of Claremont Quarter before it closed and ended up walking into T2.  It has inspired me to collect teacups now!!  So much variety!!

The making of creme brulee tarts

T2 and their wonderful selection of teacups ^_^



♥ cupcakerist



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