theobroma chocolates

the theobroma chocolate lounge offers the “total chocolate concept” or so it says on their website 😛  it is in competition with san churro which, up to now was the only chocolate lounge that offered sweet decadence in a cup i.e. hot chocolate 😛  there are now at least 3 chocolate lounges i know of now.

san churro which gives you those spanish churros to dip into a variety of chocolate sauces.  i didn’t realise they were that good until i decided to try them end of last year.  and my favorite drink from there is hot and cold.  the hot chocolate with ice cold vanilla ice cream is YUM! even in such hot weather like today, i would still go for it ^_^

san churro

then there is koko black which i was also introduced to by my  beautiful chickadee who was visiting from melbourne.  she introduced me to the interesting wacky world of koko black on our macaron baking day.  i mean who has CHILLI CHOCOLATES?!?!? haha, but it was really interestingly yummy 😛  anyways, there is a koko black in perth.  i mean ARE WE COOL OR WHAT! i have to wait til the 2nd week of april to try it out with my uni chickadees.  ^_^

koko black chocolates

so finally i reach to the final chocolate lounge, and the one i tried with my photogenic and compassionate chickadee.  theobroma chocolate lounge is located at karrawara shopping centre which is next to curtin.  karrawara shopping centre has changed so much!! my photogenic chickadee compared the lights to singapore haha.  i must say, the hot chocolate wasn’t too bad especially when it was in a mug with a candle underneath to keep it warm.  my photogenic chickadee had a chocolate croissant which wasn’t as appealing as the menu might showed it.  but the hot chocolate was yummy ^_^

theobroma chocolate lounge

drinks at theobroma


♥ cupcakerist



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