a weekend away

so…just a warning: the following post will show the world’s smoothest man alive ^_^


i’ve been waiting for 6 months to go see this man plus enough hours to get annual leave from work.  i must admit the first thing i usually check when i get my pay is the annual leave.  then i start to calculate how many days i can get (they give it to you in hours).  then i start to plan my imaginary holidays ^_^


so the first week of march, i headed down to margaret river with the family to see michael buble!! and visit the wineries.  i haven’t been down since my 18th so heading back to margaret river was fun, especially with the new addition to the family, bailey 😀  he’s never been on a trip this far before, so it was going to be interesting how he handled the semi-country life 🙂

margaret river to me, is all about the wineries, food and of course who can’t miss a trip to the chocolate factory ^_^  i didn’t get any chocolate surprisingly enough but i did get to sample some of that yummy chocolate they produce every day ^_^  who wouldn’t want to work in a chocolate factory ^_^  if the willy wonka chocolate factory existed, that would be totally awesome!!

all about the food and chocolate

so the last night of the trip we went to see michael buble.  his voice is exceptional.  i could spend all night listening to him perform.  minus his crassness he’s a very entertaining performer.  makes you laugh a lot.  it’s amazing how fast the show went by.  i thought being summer, the weather would be warm, but during that day it was drizzling then at night it was slightly chilly.  but nothing dampened my spirits to see michael buble, especially when i was only 2 METRES AWAY FROM HIM!!! HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!

michael buble

overall, i totally enjoyed my trip.  i put my poloroid cameral into good use ^_^


♥ cupcakerist



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