Valentine’s Day

I can’t believe V-day is next Monday!!  I’ve been so preoccupied with Chinese New Year that I’ve been doing all-nighters on V-day cupcakes for the past couple of nights hence why this post is currently being typed at 315AM!!  My eyes are actually closed now, so if I am making mistakes, I apologise 😛


So this year, being disorganized and all I just decided to do something simple, no fondant figurines or fancy icing, just plain simple cupcakes.  Sometimes simple is best 🙂  Simple and cute is the way to go ^_^

Valentine's Day Cupcakes and Cupcake Pops

So I started last night baking, and throughout my whole baking time I was trying to figure out how to decorate the cupcakes.  I had heaps of ideas (as per usual =_=) but I decided on the heart conversation candy.  Using pastel colors just makes it look a little chic and cute ^_^  At the moment my favorite color combination is pink, purple and yellow.  Somehow they just look so nice together, like a little family ^_^  The cupcake pops I wanted to decorate each individually as a rose.  But then having to make icing for just 12 pops so a bit too much, plus I figured that when I did put icing on my pops, the icing to cupcake ratio was like 2:1  it was more like an icing pop =_=  So just coating the pops in chocolate wouldn’t overwhelm it, plus, the flowers look more stylish against a dark background ^_^

Cupcake Pops

Just randomly, I found my best lighting condition when its night time is in the fridge ^_^  I’m yet to make my own light box 😛


The cupcake and cupcake pops can come in vanilla or red velvet flavors with a vanilla frosting.


To order, please email me before 11 February 2011.



♥ cupcakerist


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