a beautiful sunny day for a joyous occassion

the landscape

what a beautiful day for a lovely wedding ^_^

on saturday we attended a family friend’s son’s wedding.  it was held in the countryside not so far from the city at the bride’s family home.  it was such a beautiful day especially when the forecast has hinting a couple of showers.

the lovely couple

so i was asked by the mother of the groom a couple of weeks beforehand to make some cupcakes for after the ceremony.  initially it was suppose to be 85 cupcakes, but it ended up to be like 135!!  So they were just vanilla cupcakes with 3 different kind of frosting.  I also made a cake as a present to the bride and groom.  I’m calling it the Swan Cake…hahah…cuz it looks like a swan 😛  It was hard to make!!  The neck kept on falling off, so in the end I had to use ribbons to hold it together.  It was quite nice with the ribbons actually.  I also tried out some royal icing decorations that I haven’t tried before.  Don’t you love the mousey bride and groom?  I do ^_^ They’re so cute and adorable.  I like the bride the most.  She looks so elegant ^_^  So my three frost flavours had three different designs.  Everything was suppose to be in pastel, and it did look quite nice in the end.  So the coffee buttercream had a rose design, the chrysanthemum flower was vanilla buttercream, and the petal design is chocolate buttercream.  I really enjoyed making the cupcakes this time ^_^  As for the cake … I wish I had more time to practice!! hehehe, but it was definately fun to learn ^_^

the swan cake and cupcakes

the process of my cupcakes

so you can see above that’s how my process of making my cupcakes start.  From a BIG bowl of batter!!  2 normal recipes ended up making that 135 cupcakes plus a little left over ^_^  then i pop them into cute little cupcake papers and pop them into the oven and watch them rise ^_^ whilst waiting, i prepare my 4 trays to cool my cuppie-cakes ^_^  I’m so happy that the cuppie cakes turned out well.  And so white for vanilla cupcakes ^_^ I always get them slightly tinged…hahaha…NOT BURNT by the way.  But this time they were PERFECT!!  So whilst my cuppie cakes are cooling, I cut out circles and make my flower icing and put them into the fridge to cool, so when everything is cold, I can just pop them on top ^_^  It meant I could spend more time on the cake with the icing at the bottom.

the swan cake

can you see my icing??  the lines and lines of icing that look me the whole night!! it kept on breaking on me, but after a few tries, i finally got it and it didn’t turn out too bad for an amateur i hope heheh…can u see the ribbons holding the neck of my swan’s neck?  it looks kind of cute and pretty ^_^

beautifully simple mini cupcakes

anyways, you can check out bigger pictures on my facebook page ^_^  it’s going to be another busy month for me and cupcake boutique with birthdays.



♥ cupcakerist


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