What a month…

First it was my birthday, quite a while ago.  But still, during that time a cake was made in celebration of me getting old-er >_<

It was a really yummy cake though, a chocolate cake (my favorite) with chocolate frosting in between layers and a meringue coating on the outside with mushrooms.  I have a fascination with mushrooms.  I love butter mushrooms or stuffed mushrooms or mushroom soup.  Anything mushroom I love.  Hence, the mushrooms on my cake 🙂  But it was such a nice and yummy cake, my dad couldn’t help but give HALF OF IT TO THE NEIGHBOR!! He was suppose to give like 3 slices, but he was rushing to go out and gave away my cake 😦  Let me tell you, I was so sad for 3 days 😦  I was craving my cake in those 3 days, and all I could think about was my neighbors enjoying MY birthday cake 😦 Sigh… but still I have memories of that cake, and that’s what I’ll keep with me ^_^

My chocolate birthday cake...the most decadent and rich cake I've ever had!!

I haven’t actually been taking any orders.  It’s my final year and I really really want to PASS!!  The past couple of weeks I’ve just been compiling all the data for my group.  It was about 60 surveys, going through 20 questions.  So it took a while.  I hope I didn’t get them all mixed up >.<  So that took up most of my time.

This is what makes up my existence...

But last week I went to a family friend’s house to celebrate Hari Raya.  I think its a celebration to celebrate the end of Ramadan (month of fasting) for the muslims.  They had just moved into a new house and O.M.G I want to live there!!!!  The kitchen was like TO DIE FOR!!  I think I was so in love with the house I didn’t want to leave at all!! I took a couple of pictures of the exterior, I didn’t want to take the inside because they might have thought I was weird =_= But anyhow, I made some cupcakes for them, and let’s say it gave me an opportunity to practice on my icing 😛

Chocolate and Green Tea Cupcakes

THEN… the worst thing could’ve happened… *da da da dummmmmmm*




My loyal and trustworthy kitchen-aid BROKE DOWN!!! Let me just say, the whole night I was so upset I stayed in my room, never to come out.  Partially because I had an order due the next day and I had to cancel because I couldn’t bake a cake.  And I felt so utterly terrible I didn’t want to inflict my pain on others, so I stayed in bed mulling on how my poor kitchen aid broke down and was looking for the warranty.  The next day, it got taken to get repaired so for the time being I can’t take any orders until I get it back OR until I can find a replacement OR I upgrade to a commercial one, which I am seriously thinking [a student like me must be crazy…I have no money =_=].  At the moment my replacement which is like 15 years old is also getting repaired.  I tried using that one to make the cake and it started smoking as soon as I turned it on.  I think because of old age it needed to get repaired too 😦  Sigh…I hope I get my mixers soon…I really do miss them 😦



Sorry Z for not being able to make you a birthday cake 😦  I felt so bad 😦 I wanted to make you a gossip girl cake…it was all planned in my head, although I was figuring out how to get the lipstick kiss image on the cake [I can’t just go and paint my lips red and kiss your cake =_=].  Hope you had a blast on your birthday though ^_^



♥ cupcakerist


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