Sesame Street and all things fashionable

I had a customer that wanted to order a 3 tier cake for her son’s first birthday as well as cupcakes for her mother’s birthday.  I have never made a 3 tier cake let alone Sesame Street characters.  So I started making 3 Sesame Street characters a week beforehand so I could spend as much time as possible making it.  I’m quite happy with my 3 figurines.  It took me 3 hours per figurine.  For Elmo and the Cookie Monster I spent the most time getting them look “fluffy” and their hands, oh how I wanted the fingers to look perfect!!!  Big Bird was the most fun to make.  The feathers would’ve been the hardest to make if it wasn’t for endless sleeping nights trying to figure out how to do them and then I had an epiphany and I am soooo happy with Big Bird.

Elmo, Cookie Monster and Big Bird the night I completed them

The final product was fun to make especially when I have never made a 3 tier cake before so this was my first and it was surprisingly nice ^_^  The 2 bottom tiers were false bottoms and the top tier was a chocolate cake.  All the decorations on the cake are edible.  I usually have friends asking me if my figurines are bought or if they are edible.  I make all the figurines and decorations myself and they are all edible.  Sometimes I put toothpicks in my figurines like the Sesame Street characters to adhere the head to the body because they have big heads…hahaha…so yes, I do make all my decorations and the cakes and cupcakes are all baked a day or two beforehand (I dislike freezing food A LOT).

Sesame Street Cake

The cupcakes on the other hand were also pretty fun to make.  It brought out the branded girl out of me ^_^  I don’t own any LV or Gucci, so I had to do a bit of researching, trying to catch up with the latest designs and everything.  The hardest part was getting them all to look the same, but I hope I achieved that by working methodically.  I remember when I first started, my decorates spread to 3 tables.  Now at least I have everything in arm’s reach and it’s just restricted to one table ^_^  I realized spreading my work everywhere around the house meant more cleaning for me >_<  The LV cupcakes were green tea cupcakes with vanilla frosting and the Gucci cupcakes were peaches cupcakes with vanilla frosting.  Personally I like the Gucci cupcakes because of the design, but I like the LV cupcakes too because the black is quite striking with the little designs on there ^_^  I LOVE the color black against any bright color.  Especially if it’s black and orange ^_^

LV and Gucci Cupcakes

I am so proud of what I’ve achieved this time round.  I hope my customer enjoyed it ^_^  She looked pretty stunned when she saw the cake ^_^

Handmade with Love by Cupcake Boutique



♥ cupcakerist


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