There was a dinner party at our place one night and I made creme brulee, using a different recipe and for those who don’t know, creme brulee uses egg yolks…and quite a lot too!!  So with 9 egg whites sitting there I decided to make macarons.  Now I remember making them for Christmas last year.  You might be wondering where are the pictures for those…I chose not to upload them because they were terrible!!  So I was put off making macarons until recently.


Let’s just say that these turned out much better.  It might be a new treat on ♥Cupcake Boutique♥ ^_^

Waiting to be baked ^_^

Vanilla Peppered Macarons ^_^

I know what you all are thinking.  “WHAT’S WITH THE VANILLA PEPPERED MACARONS!?!”    Let me say, they are nice!!  The sweetness is cut by the pepperiness of the pepper.  So it’s like savory and sweet all at once.  Very nice ^_^  Too bad I didn’t make all of them vanilla peppered >_<

Baked macarons

After baking them I realised I had to cool them for a while before I could lift them off the baking paper.  I know they have pointy tips.  I like it that way ^_^

Vanilla Macarons with Coffee Cream Icing

It took me 30 min to whip up the coffee cream icing.  I haven’t made this kind of icing before but I like it…a lot ^_^  It’s not to sweet and it has that hint of coffee flavor

Vanilla Macarons with Coffee Cream Icing


Wouldn’t you just want to bite into one of these tasty looking macarons? ^_^



♥ cupcakerist


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