tickle my skittle

if anyone can think of a better title please be my guest!  for the past week i’ve been trying to think of a word that rhymes with skittle and actually makes sense!  and that’s as far as i got =_=


Skittle Cupcakes

so as you can see…it has something to do with skittles.  one of my friend’s randomly asked me on facebook about cupcakes.  i must admit i was quite surprised because i’m not very close to this friend.  we’re more like acquaintances.  so we were talking about cupcakes and how like he was interested in ordering some for another friend’s birthday.  her theme for the birthday was skittles so the icing was to be different colors that represent the colors in skittles.  they are yellow, orange, red, purple and green.  NO BLUE!!! i was looking at the girl’s pictures on facebook after her party and majority of her friends were in BLACK or BLUE and has anyone ever heard of a GREY skittle?!?!  hehehehe…oh wells…i guess skittles can always add more colors to their range ^_^ but sticking to what i knew, i just made those 5 colors.  i tried eating one and i haven’t had one in like 12 years and WoW they are HaRd!  like teeth cracking hard!

Fondant Decorated Chocolate Cake

i hope she liked them.  her pictures showed a pretty good time ^_^  let’s just say when i was making those cupcakes my stress levels were beyond repair as i also had a job application on that day.  i was running on pure adrenalin and the weekend was a welcome rest ^_^


♥ cupcakerist


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