… Birkin Bags …

Oh Birkin Bag what shall I say…I spend one night looking for ideas and one day making a small bag for a cupcake topper… … …

Let’s backtrack a couple of days…

Just after I finished my penguin order, one of my friends wanted to order cupcakes for her boyfriend’s mum’s birthday.  Which was supposed to be on Wednesday but she checked again and it was on a Tuesday instead!  So I was spending a day making my Blue Nose Collection Set as well as a Red Birkin Bag that the bf’s mum liked.  So here I was finishing my Blue Nose Collection and spending a night seeing how to make a Birkin bag or how it actually looks like 😛

Red Hermes Birkin Bag

And this was my final product after 2 hrs

My Red Birkin Birthday Bag

So 12 decorated cupcakes and 38 mini cupcakes later…this was my final product…

Happy Birkin Birthday ^_^

The Blue Nose Collection Set plus the Red Birkin Bag Detail: Chocolate Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting and Fondant Detail

Chocolate and Vanilla Mini Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting

I enjoyed making the Birkin Bag and the Blue Nose Friends Animals.  They were so cute and adorable, but I am still proportionally challenged with making the figurines and that only comes with lots and lots of practice ^_^

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♥ cupcakerist


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