Play it by numbers or by hearts?

So there was this 18th birthday party of a family friend.  The birthday girl is like the most beautiful person I’ve come across and like she is so like happy to share the special occasion with her friends…like a lot of her friends 😛  So I decided to make her cupcakes for her birthday and keeping to a casino theme which was what her birthday was centered around, I made card cupcakes.  I must say, the idea was there….getting it done was a bit more difficult, but at least the end result was quite neat 😛  You will understand at the end why I have named this blog “Play it by numbers or by hearts” or if not, maybe I have a weird sense of reasoning and I will try and explain it all in the end ^_^

J for Jack

So these cards as I said before took me two nights to complete.  They were highly fiddly because they were quite small and the cards kept on breaking, so luckily I made more than I needed to, although once packed, 4 of them broke and I only had 4 replacement cards left.  So very stressful on that night!!

The cards that took 2 nights to do

I forgot to mention that these cupcakes above are chocolate cupcakes with a grown up version of chocolate frosting.  Because it was an 18th, I added what is not allowed for kids 😛 Although it was very subtle, I think it added a nice touch, quite addictive as well when I was tasting it and piping the cupcakes, had to make sure there was enough to go around 😛

Citrus Cupcakes with Grown up version of Orange Frosting 😛

So the other flavor of cupcakes (I only made two flavors) is a citrus cupcake with a grown up version of orange frosting ^_^.  I tried a new citrus cupcake recipe, because I just love experimenting with cupcakes and I must say I really liked it.  Maybe because a habit of mine is not following the recipe and I stayed true to form and I liked it a lot 😛

Adding a heart for a simple touch

But the citrus cupcakes were simple, so I added my personalized touch of a heart on top.  Nice and simple and it matched the red cupcake paper too 🙂

I Heart Cupcakes

Me and my cupcakes

I love photography and photos, but I only love them when I’m not in them!  You see that black haired person avoiding the camera??  That’s me, I prefer to stay unknown…for now 🙂  But I kept on looking at this photo and the cupcakes look pretty awesome on the tray and then I noticed my fat jelly arm in the way…let’s just say you won’t be seeing pictures of me in a while 😛

How they were looking on the cupcake stand

So this was how they looked like on one of the stands.  I hope the birthday girl liked it.  She couldn’t stop talking about it to me after the party, so I’m assuming she did 🙂  I had to stock up the tray, so luckily I made 90 that night 🙂

Oh and before I forget, my play it by numbers refers to the cards and by hearts refer to the hearts on the citrus cupcakes 🙂 Do you get it!!

I Heart Cupcakes…A LOT ♥


♥ cupcakerist


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