A loonngg break…HAPPY 2010

You know when I said I was going to upload pictures..well I didn’t >_<,  I think the month of December was a super relaxing month for me.  I had a couple of cookie orders and it was a month to rejuvenate my creative juices.  So maybe macaroons were too ambitious.  I can’t believe how hard they are to make!!  So maybe I shall leave the macaroons off the drawing board until I’ve perfected the perfect Italian macaroon.  On the other hand, cookies have become a new passion as well as cupcake pops and cake pops ^_^  Let’s just say I thank a certain blogger for such getting my creative juices flowing again.  I only found her last night after toying with an idea of valentine rose (you’ll see what I mean in a month or so)  and I thought my idea was original until I found her website and let’s just say that she is the Queen of cupcake pops and cake pops.  Anyhow…my range from Cupcake Boutique will include cupcakes, cakes, cookies and c-pops (c-pops are the cupcake and cake pops).  Hopefully I’ll try not to imitate her too much and put my own spin on them but I hope you’ll like them all ^_^

Well, I thought I might as well add some pictures of the Christmas cookies and failed macaroons…

A range of the Christmas Cookies

Unfortunately I couldn’t find my failed attempt of macaroons but I will upload them as soon as I find them.

New Year Resolution for 2010 is to write in this blog more often ^_^


♥ cupcakerist


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