busy couple of weeks…


it’s been such a busy week i have no idea where to start.  so what i might do is start from the orders.  i had 2 orders come in straight after my trip back from northam.  These aren’t including the wedding gift I made for the couple.  The first order was for a 5 year old’s birthday.  It was quite simple because all he wanted was cupcakes that were blue for the boys and pink for the girls with spinkles on top.  I heard they were quite popular at the party at school which was good 🙂  I made a special one for the 5 year old with different kind of sprinkles so he felt a bit special 🙂


Kiddy Cupcakes

Kiddy cupcakes, blue for boys, pink for girls and a special one for the birthday boy



The next order was for a dozen cupcakes.  I think this will be the last order I will do with such….difficulty if  you could call it.  Being a novice I thought it was ok to do I think it was 5/6 different flavors and 2 of each flavor.  In hindsight, I think I shouldn’t of done that because there’s no such thing as just making 2 cupcakes of one flavor, you need to make a batch which is usually 12 cupcakes.  So I had plenty of left over cupcakes to eat.  But it’s all a learning process.


The cupcakes

The cupcakes with different flavours



Last weekend, there was a birthday party hosted at my place for a family friend who turned 60.  As per usual, mum asked me to make a couple of cakes.  I wanted to try this blueberry cake recipe for a while so I had the opportunity to try it, but I decided that instead of blueberries I used mixed berries instead.  The cooking time took 30 minutes longer than expected, but the end result looked fantastic and after icing it with cream cheese frosting and fresh blueberries, it looked quite yummy to eat and it was so moist.  Now I must tell you, I don’t usually eat what I cook, I eat raw batter, but not the end result.  I rely on other people telling me how it tastes, I have a phobia of eating what I cook just incase it doesn’t taste so nice, and it’s happened before!  But this cake was quite yummy and the birthday girl and the guests enjoyed it as well which is always good to know 🙂


Mixed Berry Cake

The Mixed Berry Cake before it was iced


The Finished Product

THe Finished Product with Cream Cheese Frosting and Fresh Blueberries on top

The Other Cake

The Other Cake




I’ve decided to incorporate a flavor of the month in my cupcakes.  This November, the flavor is peach.  So peaches cupcake is a moist peach cupcake with a surprise when you hit the bottom.  You can taste the peaches throughout the cupcake which is really yummy and moist and its finished off with either a vanilla frosting or a cream cheese frosting


Peaches Cupcake

Peaches Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting




♥ cupcakerist


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