choco cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

i’m yet to make a name for these.  they are the best cupcakes i’ve made.  i know i’m sounding pretty confident, but they tasted so rich and balanced with the cream cheese frosting it was divine!!! i’m trying to find another occasion so i can make it again because i didn’t use a recipe and just invented it on the spot, so i’ll be super happy if i can make it again.

oh and the occasion for making these cupcakes was i was working at skg murdoch at st john of god hospital and it was my last day so i made a vanilla cupcake with choco frosting and these divine choco cupcakes.  my vanilla cupcakes need improvement, somehow the simplest cupcake is always the hardest.  with the choco frosting it had choco bits in it so it was just right.


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